"Swedish Bitters" Dry Herbs

"Swedish Bitters" Dry Herbs

This original recipe "Swedish Bitters" was found among the records of the Swedish Dr. Klaus Samst.

Dr. Samst himself died after falling from his horse during a walk, he was 104 years old.

It is known that his mother had lived 107 years, his father died at the age of 113 years, and his children also lived to a ripe old age.

Dr. Samst stated that there are no diseases that would have been impossible to cure or at least alleviate the patient's condition.

Results of laboratory experiments confirm that the composition of these 11 components, can serve as a basis for the treatment of many diseases.

It is said that people use tincture "Swedish Bitters", does not need other medicines.

Since the "Swedish Bitters" strengthen the nervous system, refreshes the blood and strengthen the whole body.

Some people believe  that "Swedish Bitters" cure any disease

And the body remains awake to a great age, and his face - a beautiful and young.

We wish you all good health!

Swedish Bitters Dry Herbs 30g.

Swedish Bitters Dry Herbs 30g.

Restorative remedy Ingredients: aloe, myrrh, senna leaves, angelica, carlina, white turmeric, ca..

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