Herbal tea lowers cholesterol

Herbal tea lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol is constantly present in the body and is one of the products of metabolism.

However, increased cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels increases the risk of serious heart problems and is responsible for the development of atherosclerosis.

Monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood is necessary for people with hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and after 40 years.

With this help you to effectively manage our herbal tea lowers cholesterol.

Tea lowers cholesterol will help to improve your health, clean blood vessels, as well as the return of the vessel wall elasticity and youthfulness.

Regular consumption of this tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and has beneficial effects on the whole body.

Contraindications were not found.

We wish you all good health!

Herbal tea lowers cholesterol 20g.

Herbal tea lowers cholesterol 20g.

Decreases the level of cholesterol.Ingredients: dandelion leaves, nettle leaves, veronica herb, hy..

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